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One of the things that I've always wanted to make is apple pie. My brother and I both love it, and it's about as American as it gets. Unfortunately, making your own crust and peeling all those apples is both difficult and laborious, so I never got around to it. However, in this bout of unemployment, I finally found some time to bake this Double Apple Pie.

I thought the recipe was pretty good, and I appreciated the video on making a pie crust. For some reason, our food processor didn't mix too well, so Michael Vo ended up just mixing with his hands. Also, I felt that I had too many apples and not enough dough. Next time, I'd probably multiply the dough by 4/3, that is, 400 grams of flour and scaling everything else appropriately. The apples shrink quite a bit in cooking so I probably could have stuffed the pie more aggressively. I used Gala apples, and that worked well. Other differences are that I ended up using 50 grams of lard instead of pure butter, and since I lacked apple butter, I just used normal butter.

All in all, I'd consider this first-time apple pie a success. Perhaps, I can focus on making it prettier next time with the crumpled crust. You can definitely tell that this pie is homemade. Here are some more pictures.


I've since made my apple pie again here in Welcoming 2017. It came out much better, but the crust wasn't as flakly as I would like. It seems that the vodka in the crust is a critical component.

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